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We offer both text messaging and fax services but the most important service we offer is customer service.

Our philosophy is that we're always here to help.

With the exception of the odd fire drill we'll always answer the phone and get you through to the right person as quickly as possible.

We'll always take first responsibility for a problem and we'll never re-direct you to a 3rd party unless we're 99.99% sure there's nothing we can do.

If you have any problems whatsoever with any of our services (or you would just like confirmation of where the problem is) feel free to call us first and we'll either help or point you in the right direction.

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Why Icetrak?

  • We are inspired by what people say about us - referrals and recommendations have driven our business since we started in 2002
  • We don't deal with the type of companies who want to send out unsolicited very high volumes of text messages for PPI or insurance or for radio competitions and TV voting. Whether you want to send 100 or 100,000+ text messages a month your business means much more to us than it will to others
  • We understand that you want to send text messages to save you time and money. We'll make sure that happens
  • We will deliver your text messages quickly, reliably and securely.
  • We will always look to impress and delight you with our friendly yet utterly professional service
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Our Customers say ...

Our Customers say ...

Hi Denise, Thanks for your prompt response, sign of a good salesperson when a lead comes through at 8pm and you get a response.

AuthorMarc Bullhorn

Having used Icetrak for several years we have enjoyed an incredibly reliable service, coupled with built in features which escape the capability's of most of their competitors. We did in fact attempt to secure services from another provider at a slightly lower price, however we promptly realised that price does not always mean value, as many of the features were took for granted were missing from the new provider. We have now switched back and fully intend to remain in the capable hands of Icetrack.

AuthorMark General Manager

I really love the service Icetrak offers, they made every problem I had simple and easy to fix. Nothing was too much trouble and they made 2 way integration seem like child's play. I love the fact that they are such a pleasure to deal with.

AuthorAllen TRS Staffing

Denise has always been a pleasure to work with and I would certainly recommend her to others. She is a positive, upbeat person that can always be relied to get things done - promptly. Any problems have always been dealt with swiftly and to complete satisfaction.

AuthorTom Director

I have worked with IceTrak for many years both as a software partner at Microdec and as a customer at The SR Group where we use the SMS function provided by IceTrak in conjunction with the Microdec RPM Software. The system from my experience works 100% of the time and is every bit as reliable as sending it directly from your phone if not more so. The product is great and their support team are incredibly capable and it becomes clear the first time you speak to them that their guys really know their tech and give great customer service to boot. If you need an SMS system then speak to IceTrak, I've sat both sides of the fence now and would recommend them to anyone! Feel free to stick this on your website.

AuthorJohn The SR Group

It is my business experience of Icetrak that leads me to recommend them more highly than any other business I know. Genuinely nice people who, to my knowledge, have never disappointed a single Estate Agent , Property Manager or Business customer I have introduced them to. They have been around since that long forgotten time before Google, at the very dawn of Mobile phone text messaging. Through commitment and sensible pricing the directors have built and sustained a robust business that has delivered excellent service and ground breaking adaptation of technology for the Business World and Property Industry. This is not a basic, budget outlet for cheap text messages but a technology company specialising in business communication. Talk to Icetrak and see how the services they offer will lift your business above the services offered by your competitors.

AuthorRobert M Business Transformation Specialist, Property Industry

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