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Fax Messaging

We're not just a text messaging provider we've also been offering a comprehensive fax service for over 20 years

If you would like to try our outbound or inbound Fax Services just get in touch and we'll set up a trial for you.

You can send faxes from your desktop using your favourite email client.

We'll also deliver any inbound faxes received on your personal DDI numbers to your desktop.

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Key Features

  • Send faxes from your application or email - Icetrak converts your Word, Excel file and faxes for you
  • Receive faxes into your email as pdf or tiff attachments - save time and money on printing, scanning and archiving
  • Phase out costly fax machines and analogue phone lines
  • Stop paying fax software licences and support fees
  • With Icetrak you pay for only what you send and receive and reports show you who is sending and receiving and all your costs
  • Lots of time saving features such as auto generated cover pages, auto redial, full delivery reporting and capability to handle thousands of faxes in minutes
  • Not just another rebadged email/fax product but 20+ years of experience in developing our own fax solutions for UK blue chip companies
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