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Scars on children

Repairing childhood scarring

When I was 18 months the glass out of a door broke over my face leaving me with 36 black stitches on my forehead, cheek and at the side of my left eye; I had many years of thick unsightly scaring, which people would have starred at and commented on i.e. 'Scar Face' not nice for a young girl, but I grew a thick skin to cope, as there was absolutely no support.   When I was 8 I had the scar on my cheek removed, as it would have gone purple in cold weather, it was sewed back up in a thin zig zag to try to blend in with the shape of laughter lines.  I am now in my 50's and underwent surgery to remove cancerous tissue on my shin a year ago.  I had plastic surgery, which involved removed a slice of skin from my thigh and placing it over the deep wound, not sure which area was the most painful!  It took several months for the area to heal, having to attend the clinic three times each week to have it dressed, but thankfully it eventually healed, although there is an indent on my shin, the tissue is very fine and breaks easily, but the scar is now turning to a normal skin colour now instead of deep red. 

Heather, UK

He doesn’t have a clue as to how brave, resilient and generally AMAZING he is !

My son, who has profound special needs, has very many scars, some which have been particularly deep, red and gruesome, but that, in the main, have lessened and lessened, some to very faint lines, over the years.  He had his first operation (on a Vascular Ring) which was major heart surgery at just 10 months old – when we were told he had 20% chance of survival.  He was so young, and fortunately for him so oblivious, but my husband and I more than took the worry on board for him.  Since then he’s had countless operations, requiring surgery, in his 13 years, and just last September had a 5 hour operation to rectify a Nissan Fundoplication and re-site a gastrostomy.  He doesn’t have a clue as to how brave, resilient and generally AMAZING he is – but he wears many scars to tell the tale.

Sarah, UK