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Aftercare for scarring

My recovery after getting 5% burns from spilling coffee

It was at the beginning of August that I had an 'accident' at home with a very large, freshly-made (and therefore very hot) cafetière of coffee. We had six weeks of unusually hot sunny weather and every morning I woke early, because of the heat, and looked forward to a cup of coffee sitting in the relative cool of the garden just before the sun came up. However, this particular morning it was cooler outside than usual so I carried a tray - with mug, milk and cafetière - and decided to stay indoors. Read the full story here...

Anon, UK

Non existent aftercare

I have recently had two lots of surgery on my ankle after the first one was not successful. So after 8 weeks of waiting I was back under the knife. I did however notice that prior to the second bout of surgery the scarring and tenderness around the area was bearable and rather understated. It was after the second op that the problems started. The same surgeon went back in through the same scar to conduct the operation and lengthening the incision to insert the screws and plates. That was back in Oct 2015, I am now still experiencing constant pain and tenderness in the scar and surrounding area. Read the full story...

John, UK