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Psychological impact

My life was saved but I can't love my scar

So I've lived with or tolerated my scar for 8 years now. It runs from above my belly button right round it and stops well below. So in theory no one has to know it's there except me....but I know it's there, I see it, I feel it on a daily basis. My scar is an operation scar a surgery that helped to save my life so I'm told over and over I should see my scar as a victory trophy. I won the illness didn't I but I don't and can't see my scar in that way because to me it's ugly, a reminder of a fight I may have won but a battle that still continues. I've tried oils and creams to lessen my scar but it's still there still visible as an ugly daily reminder of a horrible time in my life. My way of dealing with my scar is to hide it, keep it covered at all times. Because of my scar I now wear looser fitting clothes so it's not only covered but you can't see that the shape of my stomach has also changed because of my operation. I don't think I will ever get used to having my scar let alone like it so for now I'm working on tolerating it that little bit more so that I can actually look at my scar without it grossing me out quite so much!

Heather, UK