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Caesarean section

Overcoming Pregnancy Scarring

After the birth of my first son within a few days i was getting terrible pains in my stomach. This went on for 6 years until one day i was so poorly and could not keep anything down we called the GP and he came to the house, by this time i was jaundiced. He diagnosed me with gallstones. I was sent to hospital for tests to confirm which it did. As i had fallen pregnant i could not be operated on so i had to wait until my second son was born.   When my son was 10 months old i finally went into hospital and had my gall bladder removed where i had a 6 inch incision across my stomach. I did find this hard to look at and thought my husband would be repulsed by it. But i was wrong he was very supportive. I did cause my scar to stretch as i picked my son up when i was not supposed to luckily i did not split it open.  After nearly 30 years since i had this done i do get conscious of my scar when on holiday and i can see people looking at it, but i would prefer for people to ask about it than stare. Everyone that has scars have a story to tell.

Nancy, UK

Sensation lost around the scar

I had my baby in 2013 via emergency Caesarean Section and that gave me my first major scar. It is a thin straight line on my lower abdomen and it isn't as long or scary looking as I first expected. However, for the first few weeks, I was too scared to touch or even look at it, and barely wash it with splashes of soapy water only.

I was prescribed some silicone gel for improving scar appearances which I used on a daily basis but looking back, I'm not sure if the gel helped or not. The area around the scar seems to have less feeling than normal, i.e. lightly poking or scratching the surrounding area tells me I've lost some sensations around there.

Three years on, I'm still aware of my scar and avoid touching the area. It doesn't really hurt, in fact it rarely ever hurt, but the skin is still bumpy and reddish brown in appearance. I have heard that if you have another child via Caesarean Section again, some surgeons might try to tidy up the scar. I'm not too bothered with its appearance, as long as it doesn't hurt or itch or give me any irritation.


Fiona, UK