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Prostate cancer

My Husband has Prostate Cancer!

My world fell apart, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. My husband has prostate cancer & he's only 46! My first question was 'what's prostate cancer '? I/we had no idea . You see at 46 you're not expected to get it, the PSA test is not available until your 50+ and then not all doctors surgeries offer it . In our case my hubby had unusually gone to the doctors about a lump on his back and she said 'I see you never come to the doctors? You're at a certain age where we will start to check cholesterol, blood pressure etc and a few other things' ... 'thanks was his reply' ... So blood tests were taken and about a week later he was called in and given the news! 

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Michelle, UK

12 months ago I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Here’s how windsurfing saved my life.

In 2012 we went on a holiday to Kefaluka in Turkey. I’m an avid windsurfer and the resort embodied everything I needed to get in some quality time on my board. I needed all of my 25 years’ worth of experience to hold onto the sail; the wind was strong and brutal at times. And as I battled with the elements, I noticed I started to get some pain and discomfort ‘down below’. Although there was no physicality to it, I guessed for a man of my age, it was probably just a hernia.


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Steve, UK