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Alcohol addiction

Growing up in Glasgow Tenements

There wasn’t much going right for me as a young boy. The only one who tried to keep me headed in the right direction was my mum. When I did mess up, I’d only be temporarily in trouble. She had too much on her plate to keep me from going wrong.

My mum married an alcoholic, my dad, who would drink so much that he would hallucinate. Pretty shocking for me as a young lad but it, as with anything like that, becomes part of your normal routine. Regardless of how far from normal the situation is. She also had to be the breadwinner, the cook, the cleaner, the grocery shopper, the family planner, and really all of it. Having a partner who was an undependable alcoholic, couldn’t keep a job, and spent any he had on drink; made her road a tough one. Read the rest of Mark's story here


Mark, UK