Listed below are links to organisations that offer support and information which we hope will be useful. If you know of an organisation that you think others would benefit from knowing about and it's not on our list please let us know!

  • Action Bladder Cancer UK

    Action Bladder Cancer is a national charity working to get bladder cancer recognised as a common cancer and the level of acknowledgment, public awareness, new treatments and medical research which it merits and which those with bladder cancer deserve.

  • Cob Foundation

    The Cystitis and Overactive Bladder (COB) Foundation gives support to people with all forms of cystitis, overactive bladder and continence issues together with their families and friends.

  • PromoCon

    PromoCon have a team of dedicated experts who can provide advice and support to help manage any kind of incontinence, bladder or bowel related issue. Our helpline is accessible to patients, health care professionals and anyone who requires further information or support.

  • The Urology Foundation

    Working with researchers, urology and health care professionals we are improving the nation’s urology care. We are dedicated to beating all urology diseases through cutting-edge research and leading education and training to ensure that fewer lives will be devastated.