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Coeliac disease

Diagnosed as coeliac for about 12 years

I have been diagnosed as a coeliac for about 12 years. But have still had problems since then. Urgency in going to the toilet, sometimes starting as constipation then turning into diarrhoea, or just diarrhoea, often not making it to the toilet in time. As very little notice of needing to go. My doctor at the time kept dismissing it as the same as everyone else. I received a kidney transplant in October 2017, the tablets I was on at first also had an impact on my bowel condition, but my tablets were soon changed to help. With help from my renal doctor, he put me in touch with a gastro doctor who has now completed the tests required. So now have been diagnosed with diverticulitis. I'm waiting to see the gastro doctor early May, to see where I go from now.


Karen, UK

Suffering from coeliac disease and other health problems

I have suffered from coeliac disease for around 5 years. Since being dignosed, other health issues have arisen, for example low thyroid function and a rare form of epilepsy. Online research shows that coealiacs are more likely to suffer from thyroid problems and / or epilepsy because of their inability to process foods directly. I have always had a swollen stomach, since childhood. I hate having my photo taken because I look as though I've eaten a huge meal - even though I rarely eat very much. I never go out to eat with friends because I am also vegetarian and very few restaurants can cope with vegetarian coeliacs.