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Dairy free diets

Dairy free has helped Kye's eczema

Hi there, I emailed in a couple of years ago when my son was suffering severely with eczema, he is now 5 years old and has suffered since he was 6 months, we've had the usual itching, bleeding, sleepless night (for all of us) you know the rest. Well what we have found that works for us is, 100% dairy free diet; now I tried this before but (and I feel guilty about this) I just left out milk, cheese, yoghurts etc. I didn't check more thoroughly ie reading ingredients on packets to check for whey powder, lactose or egg or anything dairy related. Since doing this and being on a healthy soya diet he is doing really well, he only wears 100% cotton and all his bedding cotton, as he is only 5 all the strict regime lays with me and you have to be very organised and disciplined to stick to the routine to gain results. I bath him twice a day in Oilatum, wash him with Cetraben emollient, get him out and pat him dry, cover him in Epaderm, then half hour later apply either Eumovate if calm but present or Fucidin if flared up. This bath routine is first thing in the morning before school and before bed at night. At school they apply more Epaderm at around lunchtime and if he's flared up they'll cream him twice for me.As I say a strict diet, and only cotton to touch the skin, and we are in control, he has flare ups if he comes into contact with allergens, the other day he and his sister were sweeping up leaves in the garden and then ended up having a leaf fight and that night the back of legs were very angry indeed, red and raised, but by using the Fucidin for a few days and keeping away from allergens when he is flared up brings it down within 2-3 days.So after 4 and half years we've finally managed to get on top of our eczema. Please hang in there if you are falling apart watching your child suffer, things do get better and you learn to understand your specific type of eczema and what your triggers are, all the best and hope things get better like they did for my family Heidi.

Heidi, Leigh, UK