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Skin camouflaging

Working as a medical skin camouflage practitioner - Jenny's story

The British Association of Skin camouflages' definition of Para-Medical Skin Camouflage is "To conceal non infectious skin Dermatoses & Scars". It is a truly fascinating and unique area to work in!

Unfortunately I believe it is an often misused and misunderstood aspect of health care. For those of you who don't know -Camouflage is a product which can be used to conceal many types of skin conditions and disorders. We try not to refer to it as make up or cosmetic as this is very gender specific- Camouflage can be used successfully by men, women, adults and children!
There is a vast range of people who can benefit from camouflage from those with birthmarks, port wine stains, scarring, psoriasis, burns and many more.

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