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Dealing with rosacea

I got diagnosed 4 years ago with Rosacea and I know all too well how it affects me when I have a flare up and how it doesn’t just affect my skin with how it looks but how it effects my self-confidence and self-esteem. You get funny looks or people say have you got a cold or think you must be a drinker as your cheeks are flushed and your nose is red and mockled looking. I especially hate this time of year as you are constantly going from cold temperatures to hot temperatures whether it’s Christmas shopping in those hot shops or running in and out of your house or work. My cheeks tingle and feel irritated and itchy. My nose I want to scratch and rub but it is too sore sometimes to touch. I apply non-irritating skin-care products, and protect my skin from sun exposure using a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. At least being a woman I can hide some of the redness with cosmetics, green makeup or green-tinted foundations can be used to counter redness and followed by a skin-tone foundation with natural yellow tones, avoiding those with pink or orange hues.

Lisa, UK