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Natural Treatments

Herbal and natural treatments have helped acne

I have been a mild acne sufferer for over 7 years. I feel acne has ruined my life - I am now 18. My whole world is revolved around my skin condition that I never want to go out or even go on holiday with friends or family. I have very oily skin which I think gives me my acne. I am very embarrassed by it! I used to get teased a lot and asked why my skin was so shiny. I feel as if I am the only one in the world with very oily skin!! Everyone around me has perfect skin and I feel ugly. I have used all different kinds of drugs on my skin ... the list is endless. But now I have gone all natural on my skin, using only Herbal toners from The Organic Pharmacy which I think is helping slightly... (also the Dr. Hauschka cosmetic range is brilliant!) I am taking evening primrose oil which I think helps balance the hormones. Along with all that my Doctor put me on Dianette ... Just hope one day my skin will settle and I can stop crying and live my life without avoiding eye contact or blushing!!

Charlotte, UK